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Pay Per Click

There is no other advertising route in which you can measure revenue as accurately as you can on the Pay Per Click space. And there is no other medium where you can scale the revenue so perfectly. Lunetta Software assumes best-practices for PPC to bring customers the most out of your Pay per click (PPC) technique.

The pay-per-click ‘sponsored links’ ads are shown across the top and down the right hand side of the results for search engine pages for selected keywords. You only pay when a user clicks your sponsored advertisement (on a cost per click basis), meaning it is one of the most beneficial and responsible forms of promotion to reach your focus on viewers online.

A well-defined account framework with ongoing control means that you could be paying less than your competitors to get the same position on the site.

We provide an outcome driven way to pay-per-click control, providing clear and considerable strategies that allow you to evaluate the achievements against your own objectives. We are greatly experienced across a variety of industry verticals and provide a practical, ideal and extremely communicative support. We know that the achievements of an offer comes down to constant optimization and improvement. Only with a much focused and firmly designed framework can you accomplish higher transformation for less price. Our PPC promotion support includes but is not limited to the following activities:

Our PPC Approach

  • Objectives & Strategy – We help you determine your pay-per-click goals, focus on viewers and create a genuine technique with you that will help you accomplish the desired outcomes at an affordable CPC.
  • Keyword Research – We will perform all the necessary market and keyword and key phrase research to create firmly designed strategies and ad groups of appropriate keywords to focus on for your products and/or services.
  • Ad Copy writing – We will create extremely focused and appropriate duplicate for your ads to increase click through prices (CTR), increasing your relevance and lowering your average CPC whilst keeping in tone with your brand.
  • Optimisation & Bid Management – Efficient and ongoing optimization is key to the achievements of PPC. Manual and automated bid modification, keyword and key phrase and match type development, ad duplicate trailing and website optimization are all important ways to increase transformation rate.

Tracking & Confirming – We provide a variety of alternatives from free incorporated monitoring and analytic tools such as Google Statistics, to more advance automated bid control and analytic alternatives for enterprise stage clients. All alternatives allow for analysis and optimization at keyword and key phrase stage.