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SMS Marketing

SMS (Short Message Service) Marketing is a popular method of marketing. Since SMSes are sent on mobile phones they are generally immediately read and can generate sales faster. Also, since SMSes are short messages, people generally read them rather than ignoring like other modes of marketing.

Since people almost always carry their mobile phones, more than 97% of the SMSes are opened and read within minutes of their receipt. Also, studies have shown that SMS marketing messages have an open rate of almost ten times than that of email messages. And as the messages are succinct than most other forms of marketing, they generate leads more and faster than most other forms.

Also in most markets, there are more people with Mobile Phones than those with computers. Many don’t even have an email address! Thus by marketing your products and/or services via SMS, you start with a far bigger client base to begin with. Thus again, far greater change of generating leads.

At Lunetta we have a database of mobile numbers through which we can send SMS Marketing messages to several hundred to several millions at the click of a button. We have all the data, the mobile numbers and our state of the art software capable of sending SMSes with speed and precision.

We have very flexible rates and we can negotiate the rates further depending on how many numbers you want to send the SMSes to and how many times you want the SMSes to be send. We provide better services, more choices and far more affordable rates than our competition.

We at Lunetta will do all the SMS marketing for you. So you just enjoy the leads we generate!