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Crew Information & Monitoring System

The new world of technology has so much more to give the tech-savvy. The crew information that was monitored manually using diaries by CLIs, CTCCs and Sr.DEE is now automated. No more complications in tracking and monitoring the data, no more of blunders in entering information and missing records due to lost files. Information was only available in the diaries and needed to be physically accessed to gain any information. So to make life easier, welcome the updated technological age of computerized Crew Information Monitoring System.

Features of CIMS

  • Update and maintain bio data, performance, counselling and gradation, awards, safety violations, indiscipline and punishments.
  • The history and the next due dates of training details and medical records can be viewed at one place
  • All the documents can be updated on the portal
  • Library facility where books and documents can be uploaded and read
  • Intercommunication between officers and supervisors
  • Broadcasting group messages to groups like CLIs, CTCC, Sr.DEE, etc.


  • No manually maintained records or hand written diaries
  • Easily accessible to information – anytime, anywhere
  • Immediate publication of notices, circulars and feedbacks
  • Single platform to access the data of all the crew concerned bodies like CLIs, CTCCs, officers, personnel and DAR Cell to expedite decision making
  • CLIs will get automatic alerts about overdue, trainings and counselling.
  • Reports can be widely customized depending upon the filters
  • Improved privacy for access from any device