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E-Bell Lunetta

An automated Desktop application used for solving the daily problem of ringing bell when required. School Bell has a unique program that enables you to assign multiple reusable schedules and is the most hassle free system with emergency situation warning alert. Whether your school operates a manual system, industrial electronic timer, audio based or is controlled by your Alarm Company, School Bell beats them all with accuracy, performance, easy setup, operating costs and flexibility.


Save a lot of your money with easy-to-use Windows and network-based technologies

  • Never be stuck with ordinary school bell sounds again
    • Play any standard audio file (WAV or MP3) to the bell system
    • Play popular sounds such as included chimes and tones, traditional school bell sounds, or play custom sounds/music such as the national anthem
  • Easy-to-use and even a novice Windows user can quickly create and maintain bell schedules

Services for Schools

  • GPS Tracking System
  • Web Site Design with SEO
  • Online Promotion
  • Annual Maintenance Contract for PCs
  • CCTV Security Cameras
  • Progress Cards
  • Certificates


  • Powerful Scheduler
    • Supports standard and block scheduling
    • Easily define and set holiday and assembly schedules
    • Change schedules on-the-fly
  • No Manpower needed to ring a bell
  • Easy editing - insertion or deletion of programmed bell timing
  • Simple programming interface allows any authorized user to program bell timing