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My Leave Planner

My leave planner provides a user friendly software that handles the absence management platform with comfort and less time consumption. Managers in the organization can monitor staff absences with an extraordinary tool to view and authorize or reject whenever needed. To ensure critical peak periods, the leave status of the staff employee can be monitored, tracked and also a check can be kept on the staff to see if it’s adequately staffed or not. The software facilitates the staff to apply for leave by date, reason and classification while automatically updating time including hours, days and weeks of mentioned leave on the screen. The decision hence made can be put up in mail to the employee whether the leave is approved or denied. If leave is denied or rejected, an appropriate reason can be documented and communicated back to the employee in certain time.

Enjoy endless number of benefits with My Leave Planner software!

  • From paper logs to electronic
  • Modify as per your brand
  • Free trial before purchasing
  • Priced at user level
  • Feasible with no hurdles
  • Save installation time
  • Manage leave on the go
  • Accuracy and precision
  • Easily accessible
  • Work from home, no set up cost