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Recruitment Management Software

Recruitment can be a very time consuming and complicated task with several days of work spanned out in selecting, contacting, scheduling, interviewing, hiring, paying, etc. And with many candidates, you have to go through this ordeal several times! Keeping track, doing the paper work and then digging through all the papers to know with which candidate you have reached what step of hiring.

You can automate a lot of this and also simplify a lot of these steps all the while getting rid of all the paperwork. Plus you will have all the information on your fingertips, so it also saves time. Given that the possibility of the candidate giving interviews simultaneously in many companies, saving time might mean hiring the right candidate at the right time, before he commits to some other firm. Speed is of the essence here!

Recruitment Manager is an online recruitment system which can be accessed by corporate recruiters via web browsers anytime. Many competing recruitment managing software are offline and you need to physically access the computer on which you have installed this application in order to perform tasks. At Lunetta, our Recruitment Management Software runs entirely on the cloud, this way you don’t need to install any application on any machine. This also gives you complete freedom from the limitations of operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux and also give you the option to run it from mobile systems like PDAs, smart phones and tabs. This way, you can access your data anytime, anywhere. Plus the setup cost is completely eliminated on the client side. We also provide email marketing capabilities that can be targeted towards clients about their hiring needs or candidates about their job search.

What is Recruitment Management?

Recruitment Management Software provides a powerful, effective and efficient recruitment platform for users to reach quality candidates. The system offers sophisticated features such as real-time online job posting management, candidate search and candidate management. What’s more, a powerful filtering technology is incorporated to let HR professionals screen out unqualified candidates and reduce their workload.

Recruitment Manager Features (Front End Website)

  • Corporate website for the recruiter
  • Real-time vacancy posting to website
  • Send email to registered candidate about the new vacancy
  • Candidates can apply for job and share with friends
  • Save Job for later

Recruitment Manager Features (Admin end)

  • New Job Application Alert
  • Vacancy Manager
  • Individual recruiter can upload their daily work
  • Interview scheduling with the client
  • Interview schedule Alert to candidate
  • Admin can view the performance of each and every recruiter
  • Automatic Bill alerts
  • Payment alert to client