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Running Room Management System

Running Room Management System is an automated application that provides services like bed booking and printing food coupon for a registered loco pilot. If loco pilot is not happy with any services then he can leave a feedback using “kiosk” application. There will be less time consumption for this process since it is automated. Cleaning details as well as linen details can be organized systematically and maintained through this software. Reports are generated easily with no hurdles or complications.


  • Automated system facility for loco pilot.
  • Loco Pilot can personally choose his bed and print food coupon.
  • Touch screen kiosk is very simple to use.
  • User friendly interface
  • Easy access to loco pilot’s detailed information on screen and an alarm alert to wake him up

Once bed is allocated by any loco pilot it cannot be allocated till his wakeup time completes.

  • Running room cleaning details maintained through this software.
  • Running room Linen details are also maintained.
  • Report of Linen/cleaning/coupons printed/bed booked can be generated through this software.
  • Loco pilot can also give his feedback using this kiosk application.


  • No need to maintain registers for recording wakeup time of Loco Pilot.
  • Easy to keep records of every loco pilot using their unique CMS id.
  • No need to search registers to maintain reports of Linen/cleaning/coupons printed/bed booked
  • No time consuming process.
  • Just register once on kiosk and you are ready to use this system.