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Designing a website is very important to make sure that visitors visit the site and the webpages should be beautiful and engaging enough to keep the visitors on the webpage. There are a lot of tools in the arsenal of a web designer to achieve this. You need engaging content, beautiful designs, and eye-catching graphics to make sure that your webpage stands out from the rest.

There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to designing your website. You must take into consideration your budget, hosting requirements, domain and then choose which way you wish to go, like static, dynamic, flash, eCommerce or a Responsive website.

A Static Webpage is created using HTML (HyperText Markup Language). As the name ‘static’ suggests, it has a fixed content, where each page displays the same content to every visitor. If the webmaster wishes to show a different content, then the webmaster will have to manually make the changes. Thus Static Website is more suited to you, if you just desire to post the information. They are easy to create, host and edit; and less expensive. If you like simplicity in things, then this is the way to go. If you wish to do more, then read on!

A Dynamic Website is created using ASP or PHP. As the name ‘dynamic’ suggests, they show what the user selects to see. It is a database driven webpage, where the user selects the parameters of what he is looking for and the page displays accordingly. Thus making it easy to access. Since it does more, it costs more, but it is worth the money if your data requires its features.

If you like flashy things that bling, then you need a flash website! With flash, you can add audio, video, animations, even games! Thus, you can do a lot more! You can create a flash introduction or post a video of your company or products or even add audio lectures on your site. You can even have games, thus encouraging visitors to spend more time on your website. Flash websites are instantly eye-catching, but they come with a caveat. They require a download of a flash player and does NOT provide an out of box compatibility.

Responsive website designing is the future of web designing! Now people don’t need PCs to access the website anymore. They can now do so on their smartphone or tab. This is where responsive website designing shines. The sale of PCs is on a decline while that of smartphones and tabs is on an unprecedented rise. More and more people are accessing the net on their hand-held devices and if your website can cater to them, then you’d have an edge over other websites which are NOT optimized for mobile users!

At Lunetta Softwares Pvt. Ltd. we have catered to all such options from like static, dynamic, flash, eCommerce or a Responsive website with happily satisfied customers. We are experienced in all the forms technologies behind every type of website and can create beautiful and fast webpages.

Apart from creating Websites, we also offer our services to host your Websites on our secured and fast servers at very affordable prices.